Monday, February 09, 2009

I have been tagged!

Hi everyone,

I would like to give a message to Josefa.Thanks for putting a link of my blog to yours...You are asking me if I have a problem with this?!lol, you must be joking! I feel honoured that people find my blog worthy of being shared with others, so thank you.I do really appreciate it.

I have been tagged by Caro since a while now.I haven't been able to do the tagging because the first one is pretty scary.You have to open your photo folder, pick the sixth folder and sixth picture and tell the story behind! I dreaded doing this as I thought, what would happen if the 6th pic is one of my crazy ones?...Anyway, I didn't want to lie about this tag, so I went ahead and did it and thought, whatever happens, happens! So this is the pic I found and...hahahaha...there is no amazing story behind.I was sorting my wardrobe and decided to take pics to remind me of how I should always keep it....

Well, the obvious story is I have an obsession with roll on! Hey, I do not even know when it happened...but I have this constant needs to buy them and I keep them in my handbag, my drawer, my locker at work...Im very sad, I know!Its not like I stink or anything...Oh well!this is my story.Also, I keep antiseptic gel with me as well...sorry guys, this is a sort of OCD!hahaha.I think there are lots of germs in public places.This is only one section of my wardrobe!Imagine you see the other shelves, you will know too much about me hey! So there you go! now who can I tag?...hmmm..Lets see...Okie dokie, I will tag:-Cazzy , lazykay, Barbara and Saju.

Then, I received this blog award from Caro again..Thanks Caro!

And to receive it, I need to tell you 5 random facts about myself....brace yourself up as I am not an easy girl!

1. I cannot live without a cup of tea.It is the first thing I will have in the morning.However, I will refuse politely if you offer me tea because, I am really really fussy about my tea.I am sorry guys but, I cannot explain how I like it. I hate weak tea, I like it strong but not too strong, hate too much milk, but do not like it too dark.I MUST have sugar with my tea.I might go withouth any chocolate or sweet treats for days, but never without sugar in my tea. My husband is the ONLY one who manages to make me a perfect cup of tea , a lot of times, but unfortunately , not always.Many times, I have had to say, sorry, I cannot have this.But, besides this, I am quite an easy person:))

2.I absolutely cannot take the heat.I would rather feel cold than hot.

3.I love with a passion, I have with a passion.All these are good feelings as when I go in the 'indifferent' mode, that's it!It is the end!

4.I have an admiration for mermaids and do believe they did exist at some point(so did the vampires)

5.I love scented candles(adore them).*hint, hint :-if you are coming to visit me from canada, yes you, you know who you are! Please bring me scented candles, lavender ones:)

Well, this is it...!You know me a little bit better now.

Now the Big news!!All , I mean , ALL my readers have won this 'Encouraged' award!You will have to put 5 random facts about you, and add the award.Do not forget to put a link to your blog in your comment section so we all can come and visit you.Happy tagging!

Bye for now,

Lotsa love,



  1. Tassy
    You and I must drink tea together sometime. I like it hot very little milk (skimmed) but strong and not stewed. I don't take sugar, gave that up in the sugar shortage of the 70,s you are much to young to remember. I had just started teaching. Looking forward to some more of your card making video's as they are so good Bee

    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

  2. Debs looks like you too you are fussy about your tea.Now I feel better.I drink semi skimmed milk but have started to have skimmed now and again.And thats the word, strong but not stewed!I was born in 1977, so probably will not remember lol.I wish i can give up sugar.Once my doctor told me im not addicted to tea, but addicted to sugar!wonder if thats true!And would love to know what subject you teach? I will make more video this week end and next week(half term hols)
    Thamks for saying they are good!you have just given me more reasons to smile today, thanks.:)

  3. typo mistake, it should be thanks and not thamks!

  4. Thanks for the tag Tassy (just spotted it - behind with my blog visits).

    I got this tag before so will just put a link to the picture I found so's you can see I'm not ingnoring you.



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