Sunday, February 08, 2009


Just a note to say I am having one of those bad days...It has been a bit tough this week,no energy whatsoever.Everything has been (and still is) a drag.Tis about time I go for another blood test and I have been postponing this as well!

Anyway,I will not bore you to death and I am sorry(I really am) that I am not posting anything this week.I had something I was working on so I might have something mid week.I am doing a Cardmaking club and Fashion Illustration club after school.The fashion club is to mostly teach the girls about line drawing, sketching, painting, colours...And the fashion itself, it is up to them to create.Nowadays there are so many new things that I cannot keep up with.For example , Emo kid.And my student told me about a material called 'pleather'...I am learning as much as they are.It is a fun club and I had to prepare some samples for them.I then realised that if you do not draw for a long time, that's it, you take longer to draw when you actually do - you will not forget as , I think, for me , drawing is like riding bicycle, you can never forget it, but surely you need practice to ride it perfectly!(I am talking about the principles about drawing)

So, it has been fun to prepare the samples and I did film part of it to show you. Let me share this with you.During my carmaking club, I used to put Beethoven for the girls...until one of them said: Miss I never thought you are Beethoven old! I was like: wot? She said: I never thought you would listen to Beethoven, the other girls echoed: yeah miss! we cannot believe you make us listen to this, so boring! I was like: Girls, this is supposed to be soothing, therapeutical....They all disagreed and said, too boring miss, and we just can't believe you listen to this.I was like: sorry Girls, I really wanted all of you to have the benefit of calming, and soothing effect!LOL, obviously , it didnt work, because they were more annoyed than anything.

So, I let them choose their musics , each one has a go...And some musics are not musics to me..they are more like noise.And there were a few I really liked.I told them I do not know half of the musics they were playing and one asked me, if when I go home, I will give my mommy a massage if her head was aching...I said, yes I would but I don't live with mommy anymore.So her friend said: Miss is big you know!(these girls are 11 years old)...Another one said, she isn't that big....And they kept talking about ME as though I wasn't there! Bless them!:)And eventually I told them, I am not that young, but not that big anyway.It was intersting to see how they look at you and assume you still have your mommy doing things for you, just like their mommy doing for them and stuff.So cute!I gave them a cardmaking challenge and they all did very well.They want the head teacher to be the judge and I will sort a little prize for the winner...

Anyway, that's all from me for now...

Hopefully you will hear from me soon,
Take care


Say hello!Do not give up on me as I havent given up on ya!


  1. Hi Tassy, I missed when you started blogging your work. Check out the Tanda Teaser Challenges as I have been using your stamps...first for shoes then for handbags! Come back and join in!

  2. LOL - Oh to see ourselves as others see us!


  3. Thanks Sue!!Im so glad you dropped by.I will try and do some Tanda Teaser soon.I also wanted to do some more projects using the stamps I have designed...and do some videos on them too.So hopefully I will!I checked the card you made and I love it!

    Kay,I know what you mean.I just hope that I do not hear some nasty things about me one day as kids tend to talk about ME when I am right there!!!!and they tell the truth u know!

    Take care

  4. Good morning,tassy i put your bolg in my blog.because i want the people see my blog can enjoy your beautiful work.if you don't have inconvenient,is it ok? jlaura


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