Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Josefa Laura designs..

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all keeping well. I would like to share this card with you today. When I saw this card, I fell in love with the image of that sweet girl, behind the curtain.So I asked Josefa if she could please let me know which company does that stamp as I would really like to buy one. To my great amazement, she replied and told me, this is her own drawing - How fantastic is that? I was priviledged to get a copy of the line drawing and I am not sure yet if I can use it, but I will email her in a minute and ask her.I would really like to make a card with this gorgeous image.

I think her drawings are really good. If I were her, I would be contacting companies to see who would like to buy these designs off so they could be made into rubber stamps.(I honestly think you should JLaura).So, if you want to see more of her creations pop over to her blog here:


You can either click on the link above or the picture below to look at her beautiful cards.

Bye for now and when you visit her blog, do not be shy, say hello:)

That's all from me for now...maybe I will back later..


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  1. Oh I love this wee expression on the girl's face - this is such a versatile image.



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