Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So sorry...:(

Hey there,

Today I am going to share a card I have made and it is specially for my sister Saju, who was a bit upset with me yesterday.We were exchanging emails and I said something which made her upset.I think she said it hurt her...and I had no intention to do so.I love her more than I can explain and she said it herself that I am the 'Misunderstood Artist' as people seem to misunderstand me a lot....But however, I guess, she has been a victim this time!

I feel so sorry for myself as sometimes I say things and people take it in another way.But those who know me very well, know that, the last thing on my mind is to hurt the people I love.And Saj, I know that you already know I had no intention of hurting you by talking about DQ...and I am so sorry.I told you I was going to make a card and I made this for you...until I meet you and give it to you.It is a matter of days now before we meet and I cannot wait anymore...Love you lots and hope this makes you smile.You said that , when I will become a celebrity one day , then you will be in my newsletter...but I ain't no celebrity...(yet!lol) and I am telling you how much you mean to me on my blog and even though the whole world doesn't read it, it is coming from a yet-to-be celebrity, so you should be proud, lol!

Here is my card, I am so sorry...If you have forgiven me, you must comment on this post.I will await patiently for your respond(fingers crossed!).And yeah, you are the best cook in the world even though I haven't tasted your latest dishes yet...but I do not have to taste it to know, you are the best(is this enough to be forgiven?).

Here are all the materials I have used.I have stamped stazon(white) onto tracing paper(since I do not have vellum, but it is a good alternative, I didnt have any problem with it) , then I have embossed the petals with white embossing powder.The petals are from Technique Tuesday and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask....
Bye for now,


  1. Tas I cannot be angry with you, you know that ! I did not mean that you "hurt me " like in HURT. It was more my usual over sensitive hurt . You know what I mean. I do not mind you calling me Dairy QUeen, after all ice cream IS my favorite thing in the whole world ! I love you loads too , more than you can imagine. So glad that we are sisters , so grateful too and it genuinely makes me "HAPPY" !!!!

  2. A beautiful card and good on you for being able to express your feelings and put things right, even if the wrong was unintended.


  3. Saju, my dairy queen! hahahaha...Hope to speak to you today or tomorrow! Kay, thanks!I like turquoise a lot...And yes, I do express myself as I hate the idea of my loved ones thinking I have wronged them.It is always best to talk and make things right.And I would rather not say sorry if I don't mean it.For me, nothing matters except if its coming from the heart.


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