Thursday, February 12, 2009

Light Catcher...?

Hi fwendz!

Hope everyone is okay..I have a few things to share with you today.A project, an award(again!:) and some chit chats.
Okay, I know I did promise a video I was doing for my fashion Illustration club, but I didn't get the chance to upload it yet.It has been a hectic week, a lot to deal with at work and I had food indigestion yesterday.My sister gave me fish finger sandwich on Tuesday(which she cooked on Monday night) but I was not hungry, I left it in the fridge at work and ate it the next day(yesterday).By home time, I felt really sick.My belly was bloated and was aching, realling aching.I came home and had a temperature and was sick.It lasted the whole night and today, I was not hungry at all.
When I came home from work, I felt better. I ate something, and even though ,I felt funny in my belly,nothing happened.Let's hope Im going to be okay now.I thought, I will put up a project I did in December and the pictures were just waiting to be uploaded...So here we go.This is a project I have made using toilet roll cover - However, could I just say, I did NOT invent this.It is a shame that I cannot remember where I saw this and do not even remember how it is called.All I know was I thought it was a cute idea.If I find the link I will put it up.I hate it when this happens as I believe in giving credit to the person who deserves it.I have twisted this project a little bit and I do hope you will find it fun to make.

Okay , take a toilet roll inside cover and cut them into circles(about 1.5 - 2cm) wide. Then pinch at two ends to make them look like those in the picture below.There are 6 here but you will need only 5 for one finished project.

Then, I have used Anita sticky glue to apply to one side of the opened rim, then glue this rim down onto vellum paper.I am using patterned vellum here(cannot remember from which company I got this from)- I am sorry for not being able to provide more info this time!

Once the glue is dry, and the rim is stuck to the vellum, cut each one out carefully, and repeat with the other side.

Then, cut them out carefully, as closely to the rim as possible and you will end up with this.See picture below.
Okay, this pic is not very good(I wonder what happened here)...I have used Adirondack Paint Dabber to colour the sides.

Add a little bit of glue near the pointed end (on one side) of the shape and glue to another pointed end, repeat until you have a shape of a flower.And I had a matching ribbon which I threaded through and this is ready to be hung up on your window(at one point I even thought they could be funky chrismas tree decorations)...but because the vellum is transparent, this looks absolutely lovely against the window...This is why I called it 'Light catcher'.
I took the following pictures today.....
Sorry about my presentation this time! It was too late to put it against my window, and I didn't know where to hang this to take a picture..And I just didn't resize my pictures as I normally do so that all are of the same sizes! ... and didn't add watermark!!
I was trying to show you the transparency of the vellum but trust me, it looks beautiful against natural sunlight.

Okay, so I do hope you will try this fun project and if you do, please put up a link in my comment section as I would love to see what you have done.

Again, my apology for my presentation of my pics this time.

Today, I received an email which made me smile...It is a blessing to receive an email which has the power to make me smile, and to make my heart beat with joy:-Thanks to Jennie(curlywhiskers&twitchingnoses).She emailed to say that she has given me an award and how much she loves my blog.It is always a pleasure to know that there are people out there who love my blog and what I do.

So thank you Jennie !I remember when I saw your comment once, your nickname made me laugh coz I was actually twitching my nose(got no whiskers!)lol. I went on your blog and I really liked the card you made but , above all, while reading what you wrote, I was laughing out loud.You cracked me up you know! I thought , you are so funny and sometimes, a good laugh is all I need after a long day.

Bye for now and take care,

I hope to put up more projects soon.....

Lotsa love,




  1. I'm so thrilled I made you happy-it makes me happy to know that! Thanks for the lovely comments and email and I hope you're feeling better soon too-you poor thing. Love the creations today as always-take care and I'm glad you get my humour-my family don't and yet I think I'm hilarious of course!!!! It's nice to meet such a good person as you clearly are-Jennie

  2. HI and yes I am much better.Serves me right to eat on time and I really cannot understand why I do feel funny with left over food.But anyway,thanks again.I dont always get jokes people make, but i love your sense of humour!dont worry, my family do not get my jokes too, hahahaha!
    take care

  3. Gorgeous - so inspired



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