Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hi everyone!

Hey there, I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and keeping in good health.Okay, so, all I wanted to say was I might be away for a little while...

I already have a project which I would like to share with you.Hopefully I can do so tomorrow at some point during the day or evening.It is a tri-fold card and this will basically be the last card for now. I am sorry that I will not be updating my blog as often as I have been doing lately. Special message to all my subscribers and my regular friends , I hope you will not give up on me, as I haven't given up on you guys...Which means, I will be back, hopefully soon with more videos and projects.

I have been to do my blood test finally and apparently I might be allergic to 'gluten'.This is totally new to me so I will have to sit down and go through this and understand everything about it...but I am not sure yet since I have to wait a little bit more before the final verdict.I do not want to feel negative since I have been through a lot healthwise over the past few years...I want to be positive about it.So, if I have to go gluten free, so what? I can do that! I might shift more weight while doing so, who knows!lol.

And, lastly but not least, I am sorting a few things at the moment and even though, Art and Craft is my outlet, my ME time, where I unwind and which keeps me sane...I cannot do any cards right now, or any Art.If you are a cardmaker, you do know, it is time consuming, and the video tutorial takes even more time...So I am taking a little break just so I can sort some other 'stuffs' out, then I will be back.If you have subscribed, you will know when I have updated my blog.If you haven't subscribed yet, please do so..(It is not an option!)----Joking!And keep subscribing to my channel on youtube, which you will find right at the bottom of this page.The more subscribers, the better.And if you do not want to subscribe, then add this page to your favourite and do not forget to come back and visit me...tea and biscuits are available , 24/7, on request :))So,do visit me when you have a chance.

Alright then,

Bye for now and take care....

Will put the card tomorrow and laterrrrz!:)

Lotsa luv,



  1. Take care while you have your break, and I hope you catch up with your self. Will miss your great cards Bee

  2. Hi Tassy, I found out how to fix the verification thing.

    Thanks so much for the collage/painting, it is fantastic and I have emailed you and messaged on CM&P too.

    If you are allergic to gluten you will soon start to feel much better as you cut it out and lose weight too (no biscuits allowed).

    I hope all goes well for you dear friend.

    Carol x

  3. Cazzy! Im so glad you have received it and even happier that you are thinking about putting my work up on your wall! what an honour!I havent checked CM&P in a while but I got your email:)
    Well, you just said no biscuits allowed? How can this be possible? I can survive without chocolate..but biscuits? I mean cookies and M&S shortbread you must be kidding me!!Now lets wait and see....I am waiting anxiously for the doctor to give me the final verdict! So for now, im going to eat as much biscuits as I can, hahahaha...:)
    Bye and take care !


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